Excavation Contractor Vancouver

Excavation Contractor Vancouver

When hiring a Residential excavation contractor the most important thing to know is that you trust their operators and the skills they have trained into each of them.

In many cases of excavation contracting companies they are very well trained in over head power lines, digging around underground gas lines, underground power lines, excavating waterlines, sewers, & trenching backfilling. Grading footings & foundation packages, as well as demolition.

It is also important to know they can operate the machinery around homes and buildings as the expenses can accumulate rather quickly if an error occurs.

Liability insurance is a premium in this industry and as a contractor it is of the most importance to carry the proper insurance for the right job.

Our excavation contractors have all the city and government licences and will ensure all permits, and carry all insurances to protect you as a home owner and us as the contractor.

Make sure you as a homeowner asks to see all documentation and make sure it is up to date.

With construction of a new home an excavation contractor will dig out the area for a foundation and drainage system. The operator in many cases will o all the back filling of the appropriate rock and soil around the foundation to ensure proper drainage.

Drain Tiles

For an existing home when the drainage fails the operators will bring in smaller equipment such as Bob cats and mini excavators into the tight spaces that require a fair amount of soil displacement. In some cases 20-30 tonne of soil and rock is not out of the ordinary. This might or might not seem like a lot but consider a full dump truck is usually around 15 tonne it might be more than you want to dig.
Then you want to get in a drain tile expert to re work your drain pipe system. As well as protect the concrete foundation with a protective wrap or a tar to waterproof the foundation.

In many cases a bin for the soil being removed is the best as they are low to the ground and easy to load.